Friday, February 16, 2007

Dallas Snowboarding Update (L + 4 Months)

It's been about four months since we launched With the initial launch, we did a lot of promotional work. However, that lasted about a month and then we got distracted. Since then, we've merely used the site as if we were just community members - aside from some moderation here and there. Here are some stats on the community's growth and development:

100 Users Registrations - A lot of users are banned spam bots. We have a little more than 20 users with 3 or more posts and several users with hundreds of posts.

We have 1881 articles and have had up to 10 users online at one time.

About 35,000 page loads in the month of January. We had over 5,200 page loads in one day during December.

We're almost 50/50 split between Firefox and msie.

We have a google page rank of 2.

We'll be looking at an overhaul of the site probably during the off season (spring/summer). The software platform is weak at best - but that's an entirely different blog post.

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