Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Portable Video Wikipedia

How handy would this be? - A rich media based version of Wikipedia where all the content was video based. No, I don't mean a flash website. I mean a huge organized archive of video clips that present useful information.

Now how cool would it be if you could sync your iPod style device to this database at any time and keep it up to date with the database?

As an example, you could hook it up to a GPS and it could tell you interesting things about where you're at in the world. Imagine driving past a national monument and the kids in the back seat are treated to a history lesson on the flip down video screen.

Another example, you're laying on your back with your significant other and looking at the stars. One of you asks about a constellation so you pause that romantic background music long enough to get the low down on those heavenly bodies.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...
How many articles are there on wikipedia?... And you want them as video...? AND on an ipod?

And you want wikipedia to be in a format that's:
-Not searchable
-Requires many, many orders of magnitude more bandwidth even when compresses as much as possible
-Couldn 't be easily corrected and updated without filming or editing the whole thing.

... I'm not so sure it's such a cool idea; sorry dude.