Sunday, March 11, 2007

Verizon Fios TV and Daylight Savings Time

Today we started to notice missed recordings on our Verizon provided DVR. Some shows weren't recorded while others were cut off. Then we noticed that the time on the box was off - way off. It wasn't just the wrong time, but several hours too far ahead. It looked to us that it was the result of a botched daylight savings time change. Not entirely sure where the box gets the time from, we tried powering cycling the unit. This did not work.

I called Verizon's technical support. I found it really tough to locate the phone number for their support. Somehow I kept landing on support pages that were void of phone numbers. Anyway, I finally found it and called. Before any other recorded message - aside from selecting your language preference - a message came on apologizing to customers who are having difficulties with their DVRs as a result of daylight savings time and telling us that they are working on a solution.

This is not the only case of large companies not being prepared for this type of change. Earlier today I read that GoDaddy's DNS was down for a while. At least they got things fixed quickly. I'm hoping to get Battlestar Galactica recorded tonight.

One more thing I have to mention. I noticed that the Verizon support page had a 'Special Notice' regarding a marketing promotion, yet no mention of the system error. Typical.

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