Thursday, July 05, 2007

Virb : What myspace should have been.

I kept hearing about this new site called Virb but never remembered to check it out while I was at my computer. I've been on Virb for all of about 20 minutes and, I must say, I am overwhelmed. This site is clean, easy to use, and just plain sexy. The little light bulb to dim the page while watching a video is brilliant. The use of Ajax is excellent - it makes the site more functional in nice subtle ways. Profile modification is easy and fun. Virb is social network community done right. I'm obviously way behind on this one because my initial searches for profiles yielded massive results. To all the other social networking websites out there - the bar is now higher! I am curious what the technology is. Netcraft says they're running CentOS and Apache 2. My first guess would be Ruby on Rails. My second would be Django and Python. Here's a bit-o-press coverage. I'm off to go dig around on the site some more.

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