Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mugshot - Your community profiles combined.

A little while back, a friend of mine registered hasaportal.com and started working on a site. The site was designed to help people setup portal pages that kept track of all of the communities they're members of. Basically, when someone asks what sites you're on, you could point them to your portal and then they could find you on any sites they happen to also be members of. At the time, we couldn't find anything like that. I was stoked about the idea, but I think she's all but given up on it. Meanwhile, I found something similar, but far more feature rich. Mugshot takes the idea a step further and aggregates each site into one... sort of. The company line is as follows:

Share content from MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, blogs and more. Why go to a ton of different sites every day when you can check out just one?

Now how long until I have a site to sign up for that will aggregate all of my sites that aggregate other sites?

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