Monday, June 11, 2007

Community 2.0 post by John Hagel

I've read a slew of great community articles today. A post titled Community 2.0 by John Hagel stood out as a particularly important read. He has an excellent high level view of virtual communities. Here but one of many excellent quotes:

push programs treat people as passive consumers even when they are producers like workers on an assembly line. In contrast, pull platforms treat people as networked creators even when they are customers purchasing goods and service. In this context, virtual communities have the potential to become kernels of massive pull platforms.

I really loved the term "networked creators". Have you ever noticed how our history is full of heroes and inventors? I've often found it interesting how credit is often given to one person for an accomplishment or a idea that really took the involvement of many. I like this notion of "networked creators" because it takes away the hero... or perhaps, it's the community itself that is the hero.

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