Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Community Thunderlizards

I recently hit a couple of interesting posts by Guy Kawasaki. For the most part, I like his content. However, he threw me a curve ball in his last post titled "The Art of Creating a Community". The curve ball is the term "Thunderlizards". Sweet, another buzzword! But what is it? My first thought was to ask wikipedia, because it knows all. There was no entry in wikipedia for Thunderlizards, but a search linked me over to an article on Eek! The Cat. Google told me a little more - apparently Thunderlizards are supposed to get rid of us pesky humans.

So I'm at a loss. This new buzz word is a mystery to me. What is a Thunderlizard in terms of virtual community development?

Anyway, the rest of the article is a decent read, but a bit on the light side.

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