Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Online Architect

In a previous entry, I mentioned that my official work title at Gearbox would be changing - and it has. Originally, I hired on as community manager. Once here, I started overhauling Gearbox's online image and have recently redesigned the company's intranet. I am currently shifting into a completely new set of responsibilities, and will be handing community management off to a new hire.

I am now a director in a division of company called Gearbox Development Services. GDS is designed specifically to support the rest of the company. This includes QA, IT, Web, and application (mostly tools) development. I oversee the development of apps.

Our online infrastructure is my passion. Gearbox will soon be doing things with it's community that have not been done before. So, while my little box on the official org chart is titled 'Director of Applications' - my business cards and signature read 'Online Architect'.

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